IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment is our core business, since due to our local expertise we are able facilitate and speed up the recruitment process, by attracting top tier candidates to our partners

We know the market of Ukrainian IT resources and can help you to onboard the best candidates within your timeframes.

Normally the process goes as follows:

We discuss with customers exact requirements for a resource Customer fills in the Order Form with requirements, timeframes and budget We send an Offer and if the customer accepts we sign an Agreement We start the search process providing the customer with short-listed candidates in agreed timeframes

Our fees can be discussed during initial call but in any case we can assure you will be offered best pricing on the market.

Payroll Services

Our company offers a great solution for foreign IT companies entering Ukrainian market. With our payroll services you can save your precious time and money.

We can agree on a basic payment mechanism so that you have an opportunity to solve all your problems with single payment to us instead of keeping additional accounting department locally.

We are very flexible with payments depending on your exact demand for payroll services of your business, we will come up with the best solution for you.

Administrative Support

We can offer our customers additional services connected with administrative support, which are mainly office search for leasing and recruitment of non-IT personnel, such as finance, legal, sales specialists and top-managers.

We are very flexible and customer-oriented company, whenever you need any administrative support services – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Outstaffing services

As outstaffing services, we offer complete solution for arranging everything for our client to start operations in Ukraine. If you may need delivery center in Ukraine, you simply present your needs regarding the number of personnel and modalities of supervision, and we will arrange everything for you.

Instead of registering a legal entity in Ukraine, searching for personnel, choosing location of your office, paying utilities and doing many actions requiring time and money from your business, you can just start an outstaffing cooperation with us.

You simply have to tell us your exact requirements, and we will agree all details and start fulfilling our commitments. Then you will only have to pay a single invoice a month having your delivery center in Ukraine fully operational.

Legal and Financial Consultancy

If your subsidiary in Ukraine or branch office does not have a finance/legal team – we will be happy to assist you on any related issues.

We will be able to:

Facilitate the registration of your Legal Entity,
File your tax reports,
Arrange your financial and management accounting etc.

We understand that you may need some more assistance from us, so we will always be there to help you!