Office Leasing

Quality office space in Kiev is hard to come by and in relatively high demand. We have teamed up with a leading expat real estate agency in Kiev (Kiev International Realty) to streamline your office search process. We work alongside commercial real estate agents to locate an office which would be suitable for your future Ukrainian employees and facilitate an advantage on the recruiting end.

In our experience, many clients make a crucial mistake of trying to save money on office space, while our recommendation is the opposite. Try to create an attractive and convenient office environment and while in a short run you may be spending a little bit more money, in the long run you lower the turnover rate, which is absolutely crucial in competitive industry such as IT in Ukraine.

To give you a rough estimate on the monthly rent cost of centrally located office in Kiev our partners at Kiev International Realty kindly provided the chart below:

Average Office Prices in Kiev (updated January 2019)


Office size




Staff size

5-10 persons

10-15 persons

15-25 persons




Class B centrally locate office

 (no thrills, decent, clean, non furnished)

Monthly Rent in USD$




Monthly Utilities (including common areas)




Weekly Cleaning / Supplies




Monthly total:









Class A centrally locate office

(excellent entrance, top notch common areas, high end renovation, non furnished)

Monthly Rent in USD$




Monthly Utilities (including common areas)




Twice a week  Cleaning / Supplies




Monthly total:









Now the table above is provided to give you a rough estimate, the actual pricing of course will vary depending on many different factors and on personal preferences, but either way it can be used as a general guideline.

On top of the rent you are expected to pay an agency fee in the amount of 1/2 of months of rent to Kiev International Realty for the assistance in locating a suitable office for you and negotiating the best commercial terms on your behalf.