IT Recruiting

IT Recruiting is our core competency and primary focus of the company. As many of entrepreneurs know, the key to success lays behind the people that work on your team. Ukraine is no exception to that general rule, and we will get you the best personnel, and allow you to focus on your product / niche.

What makes us stand out from the other headhunting agencies in Ukraine, is the fact that from the very beginning we make it a point to get to know our clients, both in terms of product, operations, expectations and company’s internal culture. Thanks to that approach we are simply better equipped to filter out and recruit the best suitable candidates for the job. As an additional significant advantage, of course, we offer sort of “one stop shop” for the rest of the non-core services which our clients can engage us to streamline their operations in Ukraine.

The drawback in engaging us vs. doing it internally (or contracting out a cheaper Ukrainian company), is the extra expenses involved which are clearly quantifiable vs. often non-quantifiable errors which, as experience shows our clients make trying to make sense of the Ukrainian reality (both in terms of labour, business practices and regulations). There is a reason why such companies as McKinsey, BCG etc. exist in business world and dictate huge consulting fees to assist their corporate clients. Think of Ukraine Tech as small local consultancy, with specific knowhow (in terms of operations in Ukraine) which will allow you to avoid 90% of the mistakes commonly made by most IT companies opening an office here.

After you contacts us or leave a request on our website our manager director will set up a suitable time to briefly skype with you to get to know you as a client a little better, and discuss what exactly your needs are.

Most of our clients share the following motivation while opening an office in Ukraine:

  1. Start up which has received its initial funding and looking to build an MVP product in the shortest duration with the minimal cost

  2. Company thinking of relocating their IT support / back office function to Ukraine

  3. Company which is looking to open a Research and Development center in Ukraine

  4. Company looking to create a non-IT related shared services center in Ukraine. Good example is someone opening a call center, online support specialists etc.

Our fees

Our standard recruitment fees equal to 10% of the candidate’s annual salary. The recruitment fee is paid upon the first day that candidate starts working for our client.

In case our client is not happy with the employee and lets him go within the first 60 day probationary period, Ukraine Tech is obliged to provide the replacement candidates free of charge.

Alternatively if the candidate doesn’t like the company and quits within the first 60 days of his probationary period, Ukraine Tech is obliged to provide the replacement candidates to the company free of charge.